Water Not to be Resold or Redistributed

District water conveyed to district users is solely for use on the property occupied by the user.  Water conveyed by the District to individual District users is not to be resold, or redistributed free as potable water to any other person, persons, or organizations within or without the District boundaries.  An exception to this would be supplying, by an automobile service station, of potable water to onboard drinking water storage tanks for such vehicles.  In such cases, the District assumes no responsibility for the potable quality of such water when redistributed by such service station users.   A District user is defined as having an approved connection to the District system and paying the required District connection charges and monthly service charges.  Violation of this Section shall result in the discontinuation of service to any and all properties in violation of this Section.

(Amended September 8, 1994)  (Amended September 12, 1996)  (Amended December 14, 2000)