Sizing of Water Service

The minimum diameter for all service lines serving either residential or commercial properties shall be 1-inch, unless a 3/4-inch tap is already servicing the property.  The size of service lines for buildings requiring greater amounts of water shall be determined by the builder, based on a fixture unit analysis resulting in a flow which limits the flow velocity in the service line to a maximum of ten (10) feet per second; or lower if required to limit overall head loss in the service line, with such analysis subject to the District review.  The connection charge will be made in accordance with the District connection fee schedule based on the diameter of service.  All sanitary sewer services for individual service to single family dwelling units shall be a minimum diameter of four (4) inches.  For buildings requiring larger diameter sewers, the exact size shall be designed and established by the builder, based on actual fixture unit analyses.

(Amended April 13, 2006)

  1. A) Long Services

A service line is considered the line from the main to the home.  Service lines over long distances (300 feet) shall be sized so the water will turn over at least every day.  Minimum usage to size the line shall be one hundred (100) gallons per person per day.  See the attached length schedule.  Maximum length of service shall be 3,000 feet.  Each case shall be reviewed on an individual basis.

(Approved April 8, 1999)