Service Activation

To activate water and sewer service to a property, the builder shall first contact the Wright Water and Sewer District office.  Each residential or commercial dwelling/building must have its own separate tap and must complete a Consumer Service Agreement form for each tap.  An exception to this would be an accessory building.  An approved Consumer Service Agreement form will confirm that water and sewer connection fees and meter fees have been received by the District, that the property to be serviced is within the Wright Water and Sewer District boundaries, and will include the builder’s agreement to pay for his own construction water.  Connections to either the water or sewer system without confirmed payment of the required connection and meter fees, or confirmed to be within the Wright Water and Sewer District, shall constitute delinquency in payment and such connection shall be shut off by the District and a lien placed on the property in the amount of the required fees or any outstanding amount can be a lien on the property, Wyoming Statute Section 41-10-113 (a) (xxi) and (xxiii) (1977).  The withdrawal of water from such connections will also subject those responsible for such withdrawal to prosecution under Wyoming Criminal Procedure.  If the property is not currently within the Wright Water and Sewer District, the owner must annex the property as soon as they are able to or they must enter into an agreement with the District.

(Amended September 12, 1991)  (Amended December 14, 2000)

If any lot, group of lots or parcel is subdivided, each new subdivided lot, group of lots or parcel shall have its own separate tap.  If a tap serviced the property prior to the subdividing, said tap shall be available for only one of the newly subdivided lots or parcel.

The builder shall present a copy of the approved form to the District’s operating representative who will issue the metering equipment to the builder and will record the respective serial numbers of the equipment on the form.  The service will be activated only after the builder installs the meter in accordance with the Wright Water and Sewer District installation instructions.

To avoid being assessed excess construction water charges, the builder shall convey to the District the reading on the meter just prior to the occupation of the building by its purchaser or lessor, and this reading will serve as the basis for computing his construction water charges.  The builder is requested to advise occupants of District requirements to sign up for water and sewer service.  (Section 2 of By-Laws)

Minimum billing will begin on the day the consumer moves in and will run until the end of the next full billing cycle.

(Approved July 8, 1993)

Anyone requiring water service must own land adjacent to the water main.  If not, person requesting water service must pay for all costs to extend the main to the property line.  (See Section 23 – Sizing of Water Mains)  The Board reserves the right to review and/or make any exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

(Approved April 8, 1999)  (Amended February 14, 2002)

Anyone requesting a 3/4” residential water or water/sewer tap is entitled to finance the tap fees with the Wright Water and Sewer District.  A formal request for financing must be made before the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting and an approved Tap Payment Agreement form must be completed.  Regular 3/4” water tap fees will be financed for a maximum of six (6) months; regular 3/4" water/sewer tap fees and double water tap fees will be financed for a maximum of twelve (12) months.  All Tap Payment Agreements will require a down payment of 20% from the owner of the property serviced by the tap.  In the event a property is sold before the end of the term of the Tap Payment Agreement, the remaining balance must be paid in full prior to the sale of the property.  All terms and conditions of the Tap Payment Agreement must be met.

(Approved July 14, 2005)