Protection of Valve & Box On Individual Water Service Lines

Where properties have been provided with individual service lines and curb stop valves, the operating condition of both the valve and the box has been verified upon its completion, and it is the total responsibil­ity of the contractor who is erecting the building on that particular property to preserve the operating condition of both the valve and the valve box.  Builders are advised that upon securing a particular property, they should immediately determine the location of this valve and verify such operating condition.  If there are any defects, they should be reported to the District immediately.  If no such report is made, the contractor shall then be responsible for the condition of the valve and box from that point onward.  This responsibility extends not only to the builder’s own operations, but also shall cover the operations of all support activities related to building construction, such as material delivery vehicles, subcontractors’ vehicles, etc.  It is recommended, therefore, that builders provide whatever staking, barricading, flagging, or whatever other means of protection is necessary to preserve the condition of the valve and box.  As stated in the service activation section of the District By-Laws, this valve then is not to be opened until the connection fees and meter fees have been paid.  The District’s responsibility ends at the output side of the curb stop and all lines to the building and the water readout meter become the responsibility of the landowner, henceforth.

(Amended July 14, 1994)