Prohibition of Cross-Connection Between Domestic Water Supply System and Sources of Contamination

There shall be no connection of any sort between the domestic water supply system and any sanitary waste line or any other source of contamination.  To prevent cross-connections the District shall:

A) Require that all devices, testing and hazard classifications conform to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Rules and Regulations Chapter 12, Section 14 Distribution Systems, sub-section (i) Cross-Connections and as discussed in the following paragraphs.

B) Consider all residential connections low hazard.  Existing connections shall install an approved backflow prevention device when the meter is removed and replaced for repair.  All new residential connections will require an approved backflow prevention device.

C) Consider all non-domestic, commercial, or industrial water service connections high hazard backpressure connections, unless determined otherwise by a hazard classification.

D) Require notification by water users of any modifications to their water systems that could produce a cross-connection hazard, including changes to water service lines, fire systems, irrigation systems, boilers, changes in business activities, toxic substances used, and other activities or physical modifications to the water system.

E) Maintain installation and annual testing records for each high hazard backflow prevention assembly installed in the District and maintain records of those provided by the water users for their water systems.

F) Encourage water users to have an internal cross-connection hazard survey for proposed isolation improvements.

The District shall have a hazard classification conducted to determine the degree of hazard and potential cause of backflow for each water service connection.  The hazard classification should be reviewed and renewed on a regular basis, or when a new water connection is made, or when the District is aware of possible changes to a water user’s system.

Any connection classified as a high hazard will be required to have an approved backflow prevention device installed within six (6) months of the notification as a high hazard.  The water user will pay all costs for the materials and installation.  The backflow device may be purchased from the District or from any vendor, as long as the backflow prevention device is on the District’s approved list.  Failure to install an approved backflow prevention device within six (6) months from the first notification will cause the water connection to be disconnected.  The owner of the backflow prevention device will be responsible for maintenance.  The District will provide testing as required by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

(Approved October 14, 2004)

In the event a backflow prevention device is found to be defective or functioning improperly during the annual testing mandated by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, the water user has sixty (60) days in which to repair or replace the device, submitting a written response to the District with a proposed plan within thirty (30) days of failure notification to either repair or replace the device.  Failure to make the necessary repairs to the backflow prevention device within this time period will be cause for the water connection to be terminated.

(Approved May 10, 2007)