Accessibility of Water Meter

The District utilizes a metering system consisting of a main metering element installed on the water service at the entry of the service to the building in combination with a remote readout which is located on the outside of the building.  A pair of copper conductors connecting the metering element to the readout transmits the actual meter reading to the indicator on the readout.  This system then allows the District to periodically read the meter without requiring entry into the building.  However, the main metering element includes several conventional plumbing fittings, and as such, it will be to the owner’s benefit to be able to observe its continual tightness in the system.  It may also require periodic checking for accuracy, and in some cases, possible replacement if necessary.  As such, the metering element must be installed in the building in such a manner as to provide total accessibility.  If it is to be enclosed in areas covered by walls, partitions, etc., appropriate access hatches must be provided to preserve such accessibility.  Under the provisions of Wyoming Statute Section 41-10-113 (a) (xiv) (1977), the District maintains the right to enter on the premises to conduct whatever inspection of the metering equipment as is necessary.  The combination of the metering element, the conductor wire, and the remote outside readout is a key element in determining the revenues on which the District depends for its continued operation.  Therefore, anyone adjusting or in any way tampering with either the metering element, the conductor wire, or the remote outside readout so as to result in a meter reading less that the amount of water actually used, shall be subject to prosecution under the provision of Wyoming Criminal Procedure.  If there is a question concerning the readings on a meter, District personnel will perform such an inspection and make whatever adjustments necessary.